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Directv: Deceit, Lying & Ripping customers off should be their slogan!!!!  Read an editorial by Nahed Elbanhawy,  - (Founder & Editor - The Egyptian Castle - since 1997) .. click here 

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Watch a documentary about the City of "Cairo" and learn more about our recent history .. click here

If you are planning a visit to Egypt, here are some Must see sites.  Enjoy it .. click here

Egyptian Travel Agents to Avoid .. Especially if you are planning for Haj this year .. Read before you decide .. click here 



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The Egyptian Castle Theatre .. Watch the famous play "El Zaiem" starring the Egyptian Comedian/actor "Adel Imam"   .. click here

  1/2 Kelma - The prominent Egyptian author & writer "Ahmed Rageb" in his own words ..  click here 

Welcome to  "The Egyptian Castle" is the unofficial site for Egyptian businesses, travel, culture, music, shopping, services,  history and more.  Here we have gathered information that could assist Egyptians around the world while providing  a friendly atmosphere to anyone curious to know a little bit more about EGYPT

Ramadan Karim .. Wishing everyone a very Happy Ramadan, peace & prosperity .. We are celebrating Ramadan this year on Facebook.  Join our special Group and be part of a unique "Egyptian Golden Era" .. This year Fawazier, Ebtehalat, Songs & more .. join us Now!

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Read the latest news through your Favorite Arabic Newspapers online .. click here to access it now

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Watch this month's  Arabic movie "Yacoubian Building" starring Adel Imam, Nour El Sherif & Yousra ... Watch these movies only at  the Egyptian Castle movie theatre ... your one stop Egyptian website ...  click here
Vote & Watch .. The Arabic Movie  "El Wessada El Khaleya" starring Abdel Halim Hafez & Lobna Abdel Aziz"  Another classic to enjoy.  Enjoy this movie played right here ..   click here  ....

  Wholesale Gift Basket Supplies

Wholesale Gift Basket Supplies

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"Kawkab El Sharq - Um Kulthoum"  Listen to "Hagartek" & Alf Laila W Laila" .. click here

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Do you wonder how hot it is now in Egypt! .. click here to view the weather condition in Major cites across Egypt

Monthly Feature Songs ..   listen to Mohamed Abdel Wahab, Angham, Nagah Sallam & Mohamed Fouad ..  click here 

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