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Dear Egyptian Castle

Dear Egyptian Castle,
This girl that lives in Egypt is trying to get my husband. his name is xxxxxxx .. he visits often and they know each other well xxxxxxx and I have been together for 5 years now in the USA and all is fine in our relationship there are no real problems . he visits his family and they only know of me. xxxxxxx has been getting love letters and pictures of her for the past year now this is not a secret any more because I work with him and the mail comes to our store well I happened to find these letters and wrote her a letter telling her about me and xxxxxxx and I also asked her to stop and leave him alone well the letters stopped for a while and then he went back home to visit just this past month and sure enough I found pictures and letters this time they were on a date and she didn't have on any jewelry they had a picture like that then they were in a nightclub and they had a picture together and she was wearing a necklace, bracelet and ring that he put on her this is the picture she sent then to him and also sent a letter asking written in English if he loves her and kisses. well I noticed when he got back he did kiss different I just don't know what to do at this point on one hand I feel to kick him out on the other hand I'm sorry and feel bad but I didn't do anything except take care of our life here while he went to visit his family. honestly you know I have these pictures and look at them and its sad. then I think but... what I don't know we live in California and the law here makes this beneficial for me this is the only way its gona hurt him I think I don't know but with the years we learn and this too will be a lesson well learned in both our lives any ways her name is ooooooooooo I wrote this I don't know why maybe hopping your the kind of person who will help how again I don't know .... xxxxxxx the man I'm with that's cheating on me.. oh ya I remember a nice old man one day at the mosque told me leave him he's using you... well he has done a lot for me mentally he has taught me a lot of good things . but I cant trust him now not at all oh the past 4 days I have been sick I have some kind of infection in my throat was told to see a doctor I guess I'll have to because I could only feel it swelling up bigger and bigger oh I don't want to be sick I need to be strong.. tell me what should I do. waiting to hear from you thanks 


Dear Susan, 
I understand the pain you must be going through .. nothing hurt more than when it comes from the person you've most trusted and now feel betrayed.  Your mention of the jewelry in the picture reveals to me that perhaps you feel that the relationship is more than just a date. Actually as per our Egyptian tradition, this type and amount of jewelry usually called "Shabka" which is jewelry given to the girl upon agreement of marriage.  Also if that girl wrote to him in English is an indication of how strong she feels about her position and that she wanted you to know it .. that's why I suspect that he actually got married to that girl in Egypt.  If your husband is a Moslem, he is allowed according to the Moslem religion to marry up to 4 (four) women, however we have to emphasize that this is no longer a common practice.  We are aware that polygamy is illegal in the USA, but only if you can prove it, which we have to assume that it will be very difficult if it happened in Egypt. On the other hand in this particular case, it appears that he is trying to get the best out of two worlds .. have a wife back home who can carry his tradition and culture and come back to the USA for the comfortable life.  We have to agree totally with the nice old man whom you met at the mosque .. it is also my opinion that he is using you and no matter how much you care about your husband, you definitely are better off without him.  Obviously he did not have the decency to face you .. why rock the boat if he can get away with it. Take action and claim your life back,  which he does not deserve to be part of.  You deserve better than that. Now you must only think about yourself and be strong.  It will not be easy to let go after all these years, but better now than 10 years from now.  Don't shed a tear over him, he is simply not worth it.  Stay healthy for your own good.  We wish you all the best.
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The Egyptian Castle

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