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Dear Egyptian Castle

Dear Egyptian Castle,
I feel bad because I'm now away from my home country which is Egypt, I'm now in the united states try to open a new channel for my future, but most of the time I feel that I'm running for nothing even that I achieve a lot as the people say and they say that I'm talented but I do not feel that.

and I miss my mother very much and my family, I use to work away from them since 1990 in a different places in Egypt and outside Egypt but I still have the feeling that I'm not away from them that much until I got here in the united states, maybe because of the distance, any way it effected me a lot, and my biggest problem which happened recently which is my friend which I help him very much and I turn his life on from nothing to be a good person he turn his back to me and deal with me in a very bad way which I never expect that I was trust him like my brother, and maybe that's why I started to loose my faith in a lot of things, some time I feel very bad even I think that is the most worse time I ever have in my life, and some time I feel that I have no hope, I'm always struggling like hell and I never give up but the only thing make me so sad the betray of my friend I couldn't stop thinking about it and I ask myself thousand time why, I was the only one support him helping him more than any one can imagine it hurt me too much I do not know what I can do.

thanks, your prompt reply will be highly appreciated.


Dear Samy, 
If deep in your heart you feel that you've helped your friend and he just used you to gain material things or take advantage of you than he was never a friend to start with.  True friends don't do that.  what you have here is some selfish person claimed a friendship when it was convenient to him and when he didn't need you anymore he just turned his back on you. It is understandable to feel all alone, to feel the hurt and the betrayal, but this is part of life.  We fall and the strong ones, simply just stand up again, pick up the pieces and keep going .. What makes it feel even harder on you is being away from your family and your mother .. it is not easy to be alone and away from the people who love you, but once again this is life sometimes you can't have it both ways.  You chose to leave Egypt for whatever reason, and we are not judging you, we are sure you have a very good reason .. but being away for that long is not made for everyone .. don't let this experience change your faith in anything .. a true friend will come along one day and until than keep the faith and the hopes up high.  We wish you all the best. 
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