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Dear Egyptian Castle

Dear Egyptian Castle,
I really don't know where to start? I am recently separated and presently going thru a divorce after 7 yrs of marriage to a very mean, controlling American man. I feel okay about this really a lot better, safer, but the transition to being on my own is very hard! In the meantime, I have met and made friends with a very sweet, kind Egyptian man, I don't feel that there is a problem with this, as we have agreed to do all things properly...No sex before marriage...And to take our time getting to know one another before the step of marriage, so, basically, the only concern that I do have is how to make adjustments to his culture? I just feel that at times I'm saying or doing the wrong things? And I want to take care of this before meeting his parents, so is there a set standard of etiquette that Egyptian people follow as I am new to the customs of this region? Please email back with a response and I would gladly take any suggestions that U have to offer SHOKRAN for listening and have a wonderful day!


Dear Mary, 
First of all we would like to commend you on getting out of an abusive marriage that lasted far too long. We really can't think of a general or a special standard etiquette to take as a guide, since each individual situation most probably will have it's own tradition way of dealing with it.  Just be yourself is what we can advise you.  The Egyptian culture is not something you can adapt to over night.  If he lives in the USA he will understand where you are coming from and so should his family and accept you for who you are.  A relationship should be built on love and respect in any culture.  We wish you all the best.
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The Egyptian Castle

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