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Dear Egyptian Castle

Dear Egyptian Castle,
I am not Egyptian but my boyfriend is. I am Christian and he is obviously Muslim, the problem is that my parents do not allow me to marry him, even though I love him dearly. They don't believe in interfaith marriages, I am very confused, should I leave him to respect my family or stay with the man I love and ruin my family...please write back


Dear Jennifer, 
Interfaith marriages is a very serious issue and all parties must be able to deal with it .. It is obvious that your parents can't do that or accept it...  You have to take your parents wisdom and their worry about your well-being into consideration.  They look at it years from now and how it could affect you and their grandchildren.  In the meantime how do you personally feel about marrying someone with a different religion, let alone a different culture .. how were you brought up .. can you really tolerate dealing with a different religion you probably know nothing about ??   Can you accept the fact that your children must become also Muslims, when you marry a Muslim man?     Your answer to these basic questions should lead you to make your own decision.  If you feel that you can cope with these facts and be on your own without your family's support, than all the blessings to you and if your answer to any of these questions is hesitation and confusion, than for god sake don't marry him and listen to your parents. Marriage is a package of many values and aspects, love is only one of them.  We wish you all the best.
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