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Dear Egyptian Castle

Dear Egyptian Castle,
I don't know how to start this, it might not seem that complicated to you but to me it's like hell. Well three years ago I used to have a boyfriend who I thought at first I didn't love but instead something else happened, I felt deeply in love with him. We had the best year ever and everybody knew that but it didn't last for long. after a year of our relationship a guy asked me out but of course I said no because I already had a person I loved, he unfortunately didn't take no for an answer and started to threat me but I just ignored him. The problem was that the same thing happened with another guy and I had the same response. Somehow my boyfriend knew about them and thought that I had another two boyfriends and that I was cheating on him. The day after that he immediately asked another girl out and said nothing about us. He hurt me so much that I lived another year with nothing but pain as I thought of nobody but him and unfortunately my love grew even more. A year after what happened we meet again, he wanted us to get back together and forget about the past, but I couldn't stand the thought of him touching me, I still felt the pain, and I was terrified to think of it growing even more, so I left with no answer. Now I'm in America and he's in Egypt, I don't know what to do, should I contact him or should I forget about him and just move on. I'm really lost, I still think about him but I don't know if I should. Please tell me what to, I really need your help.


Dear Sally, 
A healthy relationship should be built on "love", but above all "trust".  Obviously he did not trust you and instead of communicating with you to try and understand the situation and hear your side of it, he was the judge and the executor.  He decided to go on with his life while leaving you behind to suffer the pain all alone.  Forget and forgive could have been our advice, but certainly not in this case.  It  is obvious that you can't forget the pain he caused you for a full year and if he did it once, he'll probably do it again.  Go on with your life and  try to forget him, you deserve better.  We wish you all the best.
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