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Dear Egyptian Castle

Dear Egyptian Castle,
I made my Shahada almost one year ago. Since then my Muslim husband won't let me go out of the house and he doesn't have time to teach me Islam and to do Salat. Help me please!!!!!!! It was an arrange marriage and I do not love him but I like him.


Dear Rosemary, 
Unfortunately, you did not elaborate more on your specific situation, however from what you've sent us this is nothing short of  mental abuse.  You live in the USA where freedom and liberty is for all.    Marriage is not a house arrest, even if it was an arranged marriage.  You have all the right to practice your religion with or without your husband's help.  Does he abuse you physically??  He simply does not have the right to forbid you from leaving the house.  He did not buy you but he is married to you.  We urge you to take action immediately by contacting the authorities or organizations for abused women in your state, who can direct you and help you.  Your husband's behavior should not be tolerated and if you don't try to do something about it now, it will eventually get a whole lot worse.  We are also confident that you can locate mosques or Muslim organizations in your area where they can teach you  about Islam.  Love yourself, speak up and don't let him get away with treating you as an object, you deserve better.  If you need further assistance, locating special organizations in your state, please send us an email with further details and we will try to research it for you.  We wish you all the best.
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The Egyptian Castle

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