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Dear Egyptian Castle

Dear Egyptian Castle,
7 years ago, I met a lovely Egyptian man. He was married and so was I. .He had an arranged marriage. I was married for 18 years before we met. He was working along side of me and I guess he was lonely. My husband continually worked away from home. I was lonely too

My friend and I became very close. in fact inseparable for 2 years. I even met his wife, who told me that their marriage was not a very happy one. My friend went back to Egypt and wanted me to go to live with him.  He said that he wanted us to get married. We were like soulmates.  Because I had a small child I could not go to Egypt, as it would have meant that I would have lost custody of my child. My friend went back to Egypt. We said that it was best to finish and start our lives afresh with someone new. I did not know where he lived in Egypt.

Then two years ago, He traced me. I do not know where or how he found me as I had moved house, but he did. He said that he still had deep feeling for me and would I visit him in Cairo. I told him that it would not be a good idea as I could not live abroad until my child had grown up.

Two years later I am finding that I am thinking about him more and more. I still love him very much and have never found anyone with whom I so much in common as my lovely friend.

I am planning to visit Egypt for a holiday next year and would dearly love to see my friend once again. I realize that he may still be married or even with someone else, but I still have a very strong feeling that I must see him again. I know that I may never live with him, but just to speak with him as a friend and remain in contact would be enough.

I have had plenty of boyfriends since him and have even lived with a man as his fiance, but still I cannot seem to forget my soulmate.

What should I do ?  Should I try to trace him ?


Dear Kait, 
This is not a case of just friendship, but goes far beyond that.  Accordingly, you should ask yourself how far can it go, who will benefit and who will get hurt in the process.  If he is still married, than you will be just helping him cheat on his wife.  If you ever consider marrying him and living in Egypt, we urge you to learn more about the Egyptian legal system and the advantages and disadvantages of becoming a wife living in Egypt.   Can you tolerate the culture??  Does it fit within your lifestyle?? You will always be looked upon as an outsider who ruined a marriage and stole a man from his wife.  The society there judges these issues in a very harsh and serious manner.  This relationship is not bound to be friendship only whether that's what you want convince yourself with or not. We suggest you go on with your life and don't try to contact him again. We wish you all the best.
Our honest opinion
The Egyptian Castle

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