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Dear Egyptian Castle

Dear Egyptian Castle,
I am an Egyptian student in the USA. I used to be living life like a playboy with lot of affairs changing girls more often than my socks I have been there for four successful years till I fell in love with a girl. But there is so much diffrences between us socialy.  I am Egyptian sunni and not rich on other hand she is Kuwaiti she3i and her parents are filthy rich. I used to see her while her parents were in kuwiat but now they are at USA. I can not even see her and I do not know what to do to get her back. Her parents will kill her if they knew about us knowing my stinking reputation. I swear to God I am a changed man By the way I am graduating this december  God is willing and I will go to master's in computer science. God willing I am going to live in USA.


Dear Richard, 
We are not too sure what you mean by getting her back ? If you are truly a changed man as you say then you should do the right thing .. finish your education first and get a job.  You live in the USA where you can turn your dreams to reality with your hard work and ambition.  Set your priorities straight and concentrate on your future.  We wish we could tell you that social differences don't matter, but unfortunately they do, so make something of yourself first before you think of the next step.  Being successful, respectable and have a good future to count on, could be your only substitute to to the financial differences between you.  
Our honest opinion
The Egyptian Castle

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