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Dear Egyptian Castle

Dear Egyptian Castle,
I'm almost 17 from Egypt. There was a guy who wanted to marry and someone connected us together. I saw him once then he went back home to another state in the US. I felt really good about him and he felt the same. We kept emailing each other for a month, then he came with his family to see me and he was very happy with the visit and everything went great and he seemed so happy, and I thought by that time that I was his fiancé, but then when he went back home he emailed me and said that he made "Estkhara" and he doesn't feel good about marrying me. I was shocked, I loved him but I didn't tell him that, and I thought that he loved me too. I'm so depressed. I hate my life now, I just wanna know what did he do that for, but I don't wanna talk to him no more. Somehow I feel sorry for him, cause I feel that he didn't want to do that, but may be his mom made him do it and he didn't want to anger his mom so he did it. I'm just trying to get him off my mind, but I can't. What should I do?


Dear Mona, 
Listen to yourself for a second.. for god sake you are just 17 .. what do you want to get married at 17 for ? .. Don't you think it's a little crazy to have a broken heart over someone you communicated with for a little over a month .. This is not love, as you claim, at the most it's just a crush that came your way and you should now put it behind you and go on with your life.  Before you think of marriage you need to grow up first.  Finish your education and make something of yourself.  We assure you that years from now you will look back at all of this and laugh at it all. 

We wish you all the best

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The Egyptian Castle

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