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Dear Egyptian Castle

Dear Egyptian Castle,
My story is so complicated and getting more and more complicated. It started here in this Egyptian Castle chartroom, by meeting a guy who was my best friend and still he is. but we passed by love experience together, but didn't end as I wish to end.  Anyway the reason is that he was 26 and I was 18 and difference ages which make complicated with him. so we decided to be only friends as we used to be.  The other problem is that my family doesn't know that I go to chartroom and chat with guys or girls even. if they know that, they will be so disappointed from me and never trust me again as they are now.

So now we just e-mailing each other. after a while I meet another guy who is 24, living in turkey. so we were friends too at first but now it gone beyond the friendship and he send his picture and he wishes that I could send him mine but I told him that my family doesn't know about him. so he is asking me to send it to his mailing address,  but I am afraid of this relationship through the net. I don't know that much to send him my picture by mail. now I had a strong feeling for the two guys by the same average I love them so much. but confused what am I suppose to do in this situation.

Please answer me and help in this problem which I don't know what to do about it.


Dear Samira, 
Well, the first thing you should do, is to trust your gut feelings.  If you feel something wrong with what you are doing, probably it is so.  Ask yourself, what is it exactly that you want out of these two relationships.  How many guys can a girl love?  Do you really know what love is?  All we can say, do not trust anyone over the Internet and never give personal information to an individual whom you've met in a chat room .. One of these days, you will come across a true love, you'll know it and feel it and it will feel right.

We wish you all the best

Our honest opinion
The Egyptian Castle

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