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Dear Egyptian Castle

Dear Egyptian Castle,
some people try to destroy me, actually they already did by using this damn black magic. believe me when I say that they dig my soul out and I become helpless in their front. I cannot touch the Koran. how can I face such things, please try to set me free.


Dear Hamdy, 
We feel for you and ask our God to help you and ease your pain.  We wish there was anything we could do to assist you in the time of need, however our prayers are with you.  By posting your email here, we ask anyone out there who might know more about black magic and can help you in anyway to contact us and in turn we'll forward your email address to him/her  (only if you so wish and confirm it to us .. please email us if that's what you wish us to do)

We wish you all the best

Our honest opinion
The Egyptian Castle

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Don't hesitate .. we are here for you

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