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Dear Egyptian Castle

Dear Egyptian Castle,

I really feel unhappy, because I don't speak English very well in the school I have hard time to understand what the people talking about last weekend I told my dad I want go back to my home country Egypt but he refuse that and really I don't know what to do. Do I have to give up.


Dear Rhanda, 

We understand your frustration, it is hard to move to a different country and face the reality of having to deal with a different society than we are used to, especially when it comes to language.  However give it some time.. work hard at it.  You live in a country made of many different ethnic groups and nationalities.  English might be the language of the land , but that's not how the majority of the people started.  You are probably crying to go back to Egypt now, only because of the hard time you are having at school.  Kids can be cruel and maybe you are picked on, but don't let that hold you back or disturb you.  Just take it as a challenge.  Read more English books, ask questions and try to find the answers.  Most of all, give it some time and with your hard work you can be fluent in English, especially that you are learning it at a young age.  You can make it happen.

We wish you all the best

Our honest opinion
The Egyptian Castle

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