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Dear Egyptian Castle

Dear Egyptian Castle,

احببت فتاة من حوالى 8 سنوات هى قصة حب رائعة وعرف اهلها بعلاقتتا فطلبوا منى ان اتقدم لخطبتها او تركها وبعد محاولات مضنية مع اهلى تمكنت من خطبتها وبعد فترة حدث مالا يحمد عقباه اختلينا ببعضنا وحدث ما حدث ماذا افعل هل اتزوجها سرا وانا مازلت فى البكالوريوس وماذا افعل فى حالة حملها منى مع العلم انى لازلت احبها بجنون ومهما حدث لن اتخلى عنها ماذا افعل فلو عرف اهلها لقتلوها وقتلونى وانا ادرك مدى جرمى مدى جرمى فى حقها وحق اهلها وحق نفسى افيدونى بحلكم وشكرا لكم


Dear Hamada, 

Well, we will not try to lecture you about what happened .. however we would like to comment on one sentence you said "مع العلم انى لازلت احبها " what are you trying to say .. were you expected to change after what happened ??  We sure hope that that's not what you meant.  It's not her fault, but both of you are to be blamed for it.  You've known each other for years and  the burden is certainly now on you to correct the situation.  We urge you to talk to your father and stand up and do the right thing.  Getting married right now while you are in school, might not be  what you initially were planning on, but you've changed your plans with your own actions.  We hope that your father can be understanding and work with you on a plan or reasoning for rushing the marriage without the need to reveal the actual reason to her parents.  The bottom line, you certainly have to get married, especially, if she is now pregnant.

We wish you all the best 

Our honest opinion
The Egyptian Castle

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