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Dear Egyptian Castle

Dear Egyptian Castle,

hi i'm asmaa,egyption girl,live in kuwait but from alexandria,i borned in q8,darast feha la7ad elsanawia el3ama bas kont ba2ady agazat a7'er elsana fe alex,moshkelty eny ba3d elsanawia,ro7t darast fe gam3et alex,bas ana now fe agaza fe elkuwait,we ahly hena (mama,baba,7'owaty)7asa eny mesh 3arfa astaker fe masr 3ashan et3awedt eny a3esh fe el kuwait,ma3 eny ba7eb masr gedan bas 3esht fe q8 aktar,ana mesh 3arfa at2aklem ma3 elwad3 fe masr ma3 eny 3aysha ma3 7'aly we osreto we homa kowayeseen awy.el3esha e masr sa3ba gedan lely zayena:( we 7asa eny 3omry ma 7a7es bel 2estekrar fe 7ayaty,ya3ny agy el q8 ashta2 le egypt wel3aks sa7ee7,by the way i'm 18 years old,1st year faculty of arts,dapartment of sociology,what can i do??!! thanx alot,waiting 4 ur unswer :)



Dear Nagdy, 

We wish you all the best

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The Egyptian Castle

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