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Dear Egyptian Castle

Dear Egyptian Castle,

Good Afternoon, Egyptian Castle. Well I hope that you can maybe give me some insight into this. I have been friends with a lady who is Lebanese for 4 years and she has always been supportive and nice to me. She even considers me as a daughter to her. Everytime that I see her she asks about my love life and I share some things with her. Well a month ago I explained some problems that I was having in a relationship and she told me that someone put a curse on me and that I have all this bad luck because of that. She said that she will charge me $300 to take the curse off and that I will see the difference, she also said that she usually charges $1000 for this. I told her that my financial situation is tight---just graduated from college, pay high rent, etc. and if there is anything else that I can do instead of paying $300 like giving her rides, doing favors, watching her store etc. She said that she needs money for the spirits and that she was sorry but she can't do it for me. I told her that maybe I will come back in a week when I have the money and she can do it. Well a month past by and I saw her again. I told her that everything seems good now and she told me that she broke the curse already and I was surprised. She also said that I owe her $300 now for what she did. I said wait a minute I didn't know that you were going to do it. I said to give me a little time and I will pay her. She says no don't pay me I don't want your money and I am going to break it now. She is Muslim and I have heard that Muslims don't believe in this but she says that they do. Please help. She seems like she is very sincere and like I said I have known her a long time. What should I do?

Sorry that this is so long.


Dear Nagdy, 

We wish you all the best

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The Egyptian Castle

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