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Dear Egyptian Castle

Dear Egyptian Castle,

I have a friend who is from Alexandria, Egypt. He is such a great guy, but he is so aggressive. I currently have a boyfriend and I have lived with him for over 2 years. I have NO INTEREST in dating my friend, but he has an interest in me. He tries to kiss me, put in hands on me, ect..even when I say no and lay boundries for this friendship. I don't want to lose him, but I would like to know if this forcefulness if related to his culture, or if he's just like this on purpose? I know virtually nothing about egytpian life (except ancient egypt), and I really, really need some help to figure this guy out! Could you please give me some insight on how egyptian men treat women..I know all are different, but just some general advice would be helpful. Thank you!


Dear Nagdy, 

We wish you all the best

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The Egyptian Castle

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