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Dear Egyptian Castle

Dear Egyptian Castle,

My name is Hesham and i would like to share my problem with you, basicly my problem is that my family originates from syria and one of my grandfathers went to palestine and got married from a palestinian lady and then both of them came to egypt in the forties and settled there so my father and me were born in egypt but i have an palestinian refugee passport the problem is i lived my whole life in egypt all my friends are egyptians and i feel like an egyptian and iam ready to give my life for egypt and if i heard any insult on eygpt i feel like i was insulted, i even wanted to join the airfoce but i cant because of my nationalty, i dont say i am ashamed of it no iam proud to be an arab but i only love egypt and its my home. and every time i travel somewhere i miss egypt my only hope in life in which i am ready to give my life for is to have an egyptian passsport and to join the airforce. the only thing that is keeping me going is the saying:(elee shereb men nelha we akal men khera yebka masree........) I know that this letter may sound silly to you but its very serious to me and whats making it worse is that now iam 18 and i am styding in england so i feel homesick all the time and as the time goes by i feel like i am losing my egyptianity (which on documents i dont have)its killing me so now every time i go back cairo i take photes of cairo and the nile and frame it on my wall i even bought egyptian decoration to put it in my living room and i also bought all of abdel halim hafez's tapes and all of the rest of the egyptian singers's tapes so now my living room is totally egyptian to make me feel my egyptianity.... Now everytime for example: in one of the brittish newspapers there was free copy with it on the atchivments of egypt and after i read it i got this mixed feelings of proud and happiness and sadness at the same time sadness because i say to myself i wish i had a real proof that i am an egyptain and go down the streets and show it to everybody.. i know that this sounds sad but its true.. i know that my problem will never be solved but i wrote to you because i needed to speak to sombody about it. and i hope i can find rest in your answer... Thank you very much for allowing me to express my feelings and i'll be waiting for your reply.....


Dear Nagdy, 

We wish you all the best

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The Egyptian Castle

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