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Dear Egyptian Castle

Dear Egyptian Castle,

Dear Egyptian Castle, I am an american woman, and I have fallen in love with a wonderful egyptian man, both of us are married at the present, and both are in unhappy marriages, I have been married 14years and he has been married 7 years, we both have children, all of mine are older than his, the problem is I am deeply in love with him and He says he is deeply in love with me, He wants me to marry him and I want very much to be his wife, and share a child together, but he says he can't divorce his wife, because he will loose his children, but that we would marry and we would live together, coming from america I am not sure I can live like that knowing he is married to another woman , who by the way is egyptian,but if I divorce my husband who, has been very unfaithful to me, and marry him, moving to egypt with him, I will have to leave my children here with the man I am married to now, because I am sure he will not let me take them out of the country.My egyptian man has talked about coming here, but he has a very good job and hates to loose that, especially not knowing how we will live here, I have a very good job and I hate to give it up too, I am planning a trip there in a few months to be with him, and I know when I get there I won't want to come back and leave him, I really and truly love this man, and I want to be with him for the rest of my life, but I want to live here in america with him, because like he, I don't want to lose my children either, There isn't another man in the world who could make me as happy as he does. How do I decide what to do, I am really unhappy in my marriage and I really want to be with him, I am afraid to leave this country and move there,not that I don't think he wouldn't take care of me, but My family is here, my parents are old and my mother doesn't have long to live, and my children would have to stay behind, But my heart is with him and It is killing me to live apart from him, Please help me find the solution to our problem.


Dear Nagdy, 

We wish you all the best

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The Egyptian Castle

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