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Welcome to The Egyptian Castle "Express It Forums"  where you can express your opinion on different topics and participate in discussions with others from around the World.  We strongly believe in free speech and the basic right for everyone to be able to express himself / herself, however having said that.. we have to remind you that this site is a family oriented site and we intend to keep it that way.. So please refrain from using offensive or abusive language and just say whatever you want with class .. help us keep it clean       



Why / Why Not ??

Thousands of young men and women in Egypt are probably thinking day and night of immigrating to another country. Seeking the unknown and hoping for a better and prosperous future.  Willing to go after their dreams and leave everything behind.

Having been there and done that, if you have a chance to talk to these young men and women, based on your own experience, what would you tell them.
Should they immigrate? Why? and if "No" why not?? Give them your advice and part of your experience. God knows.. they might really need it

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As The Egyptian Castle continues to be a source of information for Egyptians and Arabs around the world .. more and more of our viewers have become to rely on us to supply them with answers to many of their questions, investigate certain issues or check things for them.  As much as we would love to be able to help everyone, we are not always able to do that.  Sometimes it is due to the fact that we are operating from the USA and getting information from Egypt is not that easy.  That's why we decided to create this section where anyone can post a question here and if it happens that you know the answer, please respond directly to the question posted.  Let's share information and help each other .. hope you will all participate and add another powerful tool to your site .. "The Egyptian Castle"

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The Egyptian Castle is a family oriented site .. we thank you for keeping it that way .. Please say it with class

The above "Post It Now" links will take you to our Discussion Forums.  Please make sure you choose the correct topic holding the same title you wish to post to .. If your post is in the wrong forum .. it will be deleted.   We urge you to use discretion when posting on this site .. Any posts which includes any offensive or abusive language will be deleted immediately .. You have to say it with class, if you want to be heard .. help us keep it clean 

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