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MY LONG LOST FRIEND  (Archived Messages)

The following are messages previously posted on The board by Egyptians from around the World.  we have decided to preserve them and post them here as archived messages which means, you can no longer respond to the individual messages to appear on the board, but you can view them and respond to the individual directly, if you wish .. (all messages are shown as written unedited by us)
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My uncle Tag Nasser, his son Rami & daughter Aida

Posted by Baheer Ahmed nasser on March 02, 2000 at 03:59:39:

My Uncle immegrated to Brazil (Sao Paulo) in 1956. I wish to know email & regular address for him and/or his children
Thanks for however be helpful

To contact Dr. Moustafa Toulan

Posted by Victor D'Agata on February 16, 2000 at 12:20:25:

I would like to find a dear friend. His name is Dr. Moustafa Toulan. He propably lives in Alaexandria. Egypt.

Faculty of Commerce & business Administration. Zamalek

Posted by Moustafa Gomaa on February 09, 2000 at 06:07:33:

This is Moustafa Hussein Gomaa,i am looking to see all my professors ... dr. Rafek El-Gezari, dr. Hamdiah Zahran, dr. Ezat El-Marakbi dr. Saied El-ghonami and also my friends Alaa Hafiz, Ahmed Essa, Magdi El-Ghandour, Osama Ahmed, Ameer Refai, Ashraf emarah, Moustafa Gamal, Methat Tulba, Tarek Babers, Methat El-Manadeli, Rafat mukhtar, khaled Hasan, Osama Abu-Zaid, Ahmed El-malah, Mohamed El-Bltagi, Sami Suliman, Tarek El-Sadek, Husam Azab, Osama Kamel, Ashraf Basuni, Rafat El-ghareb, Nabel Zaghlul, Mahmud Megawer, Ahmed Subhi, baba fakhri, Ahmed Awad, Mohamed Raof, Gamal Basuni, husam kamal, Ahmed Nasr, Rafat Awad, Yahia Abu-El-Hasan, Nasr Madena, Tarek Zakzuk, Tarek Mahmudi, Waden, Abdel Samea, Husam Abdel All, Hesham Abas, Aiman Zakaria, Khalid El-Farnawani, Ayman Hamad, Moustafa Noor-El Dein. Finally i ask all my friends to please pray for our best friend Osama El-Kateeb (rahamahu allah).
thanks for every one answer or not answer me and good luck for tou.
moustafa gomaa

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