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The Egyptian Castle received this photo depicting a terrified Palestinian child surrounded by seven armed Israeli soldiers.  Take a closer look and maybe you can understand the fear and the terror this child was going through to the point where he had to  wet his pants.
For many of us who live abroad, busy with our own lives and lack of media coverage of  such issues, we really don't see things until something like this hits us right in the face.  
This child could have been yours or ours, does he really deserve to be treated this way .. 
We wonder:  Being a minor, did they contact his parents??  Did anyone read him his rights?? Is that child really that dangerous, where seven armed soldiers needed to grab him and terrorize him.  Did each and every TV station broadcast this story and cry foul or child abuse??  
Of course not ..  simply because this little kid does not live in the USA.  While our kids are enjoying their freedom and highest level of civilized treatment, there are other kids who are humiliated and stripped of their dignity for no fault of their own except where they live.  
For the sake of humanity, we ask you to join us and speak up.... Pray for him and for all children of the world.

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