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Mohamed Gamal El Dora

Do you know what's the difference between the child on the right and the child on the left ????  It's simply the difference between life and death ..

Elian Gonzalez

Mohamed Gamal El Dora, was a Palestinian child who was caught under a heavy gunfire while accompanying his father to school to pay for his school fees .. his father's plea's to stop the shooting did not spare his life. Mohamed never made it and will never have a chance to go to school, finish university, get married or enjoy life .. (click here to view the horrifying video of the murder) .. captured by a French cameraman
Elian Gonzalez is the Cuban child who became a very familiar face in the US media over a battle of custody to take him away from his biological father and keep him in the USA to protect him from the so called tough life in Cuba For months and months he was the top story on all news stations across the USA.  Famous actors and singers such as Andy Garcia and Gloria Estafan joined thousands of protesters in the streets of Miami for him 

Where are these boys now ??

Mohamed is dead next to his father who was just helpless

Elian is back with his loving father enjoying a normal life

Andy Garcia, Gloria Estafan, the media and others .. where are you now ???   Mohamed was a child of God and did not deserve to die this way .. do the right thing and speak up for the sake of humanity .. 

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