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Crimes Of Honor

The following are some of the feedback we have received  unedited
Name: Ben    country: usa 

Great site... specially the topic of stop killing women in the name of honor. I would also like to add "stop killing christians in the name of Alla". It disgraces Islam. (unfortunately).

Keep up the great work !!!

Name: wafaa   country: egypt

killings girls is against islam even if she was wrong, as sometimes she is raped by force.

Name: Siham    country: Austria

All the best for your wonderful website. It is very interesting - I Like it very much.

I'd just want to comment on the subject of Crime of Honors and would like to remind all men about the farewell speech of the Prophet at Mount Arafat in his last pilgrimage, where he laid down the foundations of human rights, dignity and freedom.

With regard to women he said: "O Ye men! Fear Allah and carry out His injunctions about women; you have got them unto you as a sacred trust from Allah, and He has made them lawful for you by His word. You have got your rights over your wives and they have their rights over you. Your rights over them are that they should observe chastity and avoid immortality. If, however, they go astray, you may keep them off and you are allowed to punish them without causing injury. But if they repent you may forgive them. Then their rights over you are that you should feed them and cloth them with fairness and advise men to treat the womenfold fairly for they have been given in your charge".

It is stated very clear by the Prophet Mohammed not to kill the women, whether wives, sisters, daughters, etc. - do wives kill their husbands when they betray their them, or do sisters kill their brothers for not being able to avoid immorality? surely not - It seems that this type of illiterate men do not understand that chastity and immortality applies to both sexes. Best regards. Siham

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