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Crimes Of Honor

The following are some of the feedback we have received  unedited
Name: Mohamed   country: Canada

Honor killing is not a seious issue in Egypt, I had lived in Egypt for 29 years and never witnessed a single incident of honour killing. The only incident I witnessed was in the egyptian movie "The postman".

We shouldn't be dragged into a topic raised by inflamatory media coverage.


Name: mohamed  country: Canada

I agree that honor killing is wrong. But what if a wife of a man slept with another man. i think killing here is justified. also the same goes for a father who finds his daughter has betrayed his honor. Killing in both these situations are justified.

Egypt is an islamic country. I want to ask an important question why do woman want to stop honor killings. Are they afraid they might sleep with other men by accident. We got to think about why we are protesting, not because america says its wrong then it is wrong. No that is not correct we have to stay with our culture and our routes.


A concerned egyptian

Name: riyad saddouq country: palstine

in ur site it is very nice i like it ,

1 commennt for now about the killing for honor , i did not see the show but u r saying that we should not kill them do u agree with that cuz i think they should be killed both the man and the women where is the end 1st is is ok to drink alkohol then it is ok to have boyfriend, then it is ok to have kids out of woodluck, so what make the arab socity its owen religon cluture to some it is ok to send ur doughter at broom night to celebret her highschool graduation end up in bed with some other guy and just tell them ( just be home by midnight) for many of us that does not work no boy freind and thats the end of it

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