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Crimes Of Honor

The following are some of the feedback we have received  unedited
Name: tarek  country: poland

I hope that those people who is talking about us and our life to leave us alone and dont interfir in our life for kiling with name of honer there is law and we have relagion before of all. they have to take care about them thelfes.

Name: Ahmed Rabie  country: Egypt

Dear sir: for the first moment i was happy for ur site , but after a while i felt that u r not totally honest . if u really love egypt and try to help ,do not mention to untrue subjects like muredring women who said that , it is not true what u say , now and from long time woman are in a very good positions and have all the rights like men .and in many cases they are in better positions .

please send to me if u r really cares about opinions , also do not forget to tell about\who r u ?, are u real egyptian?.


Name: Pam   country: USA

I was surprised & pleased to see your feature on Crimes of Honor. It is time such topics were openly discussed, in order to stop murdering women for a terrible crime done TO them, not caused BY them.

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