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Crimes Of Honor

The following are some of the feedback we have received  unedited
Name:  country: US

I am a student looking for the arabic alphabet and I ran across this article

Sick..That this is still the way of man's thinking, so evil.

I would like to help to stop this...

Name: Osama Jarrar  country: USA

I think if you stopped bringing "Da'rah" and "Fasaad" to the Middle East, if you stopped the drugs and alcohol usage; only then all other killings will be stopped automatically. What you think!? Nothing personal, just an opinion!

Name: Maged Gerges   country: USA

Are you really surprised that the Egyptian Castle has been dropping in rating like a sinking rock?

First of all,  what's with the "stop killing the women" story being permenantly placed on the main page? most people who visit (or used to visit) your website are Egyptian abroad or non-Egyptians and for the most part highly educated people who do not participate in this kind of practice and have no say about it!  if you're that concerned you should be addressing the Egyptian officials instead of demolishing Egypt's reputation with the foreigners, isn't bad enough the rotten reputation that Egypt gets from the jewish-controlled media? do we really need to reenforce it ourselves??????
The fact remains that the rape rate in the US is several times higher than Egypt, and that rapists in the US get 3-5 years while in Egypt they get the death penalty!!!
I used to recommend your website to my American friends but not anymore, because they already hear from the American media that Egyptians are barbarian terrorists and your site will only confirm the idea !!!!!
And what happened to the music? did you know that none of the songs no longer playing?  that's the main reason I used to visit the Eyptian Castle but not anymore!
Angry ex-fan of the Egyptian Castle

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