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Crimes Of Honor

The following are some of the feedback we have received  unedited
Name: DR\EL-GHOOL  country: Egypt

Dear Sir ,

I think the only way to stop the honor killing is to erase the honor from our souls !!

How do you expect such a thing to happen . In the states they are woundering why we kill for honor . It is the same here in the middle east . We are woundering how can a man and a woman has a full relationshipwithout marriage ?!!!

The Problem is not with us .. it is their problem if they doesn't understand us .. But the final world will be ever is : as long as there is honor there will be honor killing . Thanks

Name: Michael A. Dimyan  country: USA

Dear Egyptian Castle,

I initially sent in my vote for your site at the Arab Top 100 without much thought, but after viewing the segment on Honor Crimes which you've set up access to, I can vote again for your site with utmost conviction. We, as Egyptians and Arab-Americans are very lucky to have such a rich and fascinating history. But our history also plagues us with primitive ways of thinking and desparate, inhumane models of survival designed eons ago by small nomadic societies that lived harshly to survive a harsh environment. It is unfortunate, but many of our people continue to live in harsh environments, where they feel powerless and helpless, dwarfed by Western powers that they can't even begin to comprehend. And hence, they hold on to desparate and primitive ways to give them some sense of security. It is only through education and revolutionary thought that we can begin to mold and evolve our culture, and your use of the internet to encourage education can only be commended.

Thank you so much for placing the documentary on Honor Killings on your website, and I encourage you to continue to bring convtroversial and ethically challenging topics in our world to the forefront using your site. I hope that in the future design of Egyptian Castle, there will be a large section dedicated to the darker, less understood sides of our culture so that we may use tools of our magnificent Arabic tradition (those of philosophy, introspection, and discussion) to challenge those traditions less virtuous.


Name: Miranda Youssef (Egyptian American) country: United States

I applaud the women who were courageous enough to air this documentary. It is about time that something is being done, this is just the beginning and it is our time to speak up!!! Many women have been victims to these savages who claim that torturing women and treating them like animals as well killing as the act of god is a disgrace. God is not evil! and does not condem a child because she grows to be a women. This is God's creation and the one who assumes the power of god are the ones who should be condemned to death. These men are carrying out devilish acts and should be hung for their thoughts alone. These families are not honorable they are dispicable and every member who feels that they have a right to kill should be spit on and be put to death.

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