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Crimes Of Honor

The following are some of the feedback we have received  unedited
Name: MIchael Youssef (Egyptian American)  country: United States

This was a very eye opening and distraughtful showing of how stagnant the Arab society, our society, has remained. It is a shame that in this day in age there is still a way to justify murder in the name of the Almighty Allah. How disgraceful people are who kill His creations, who act in His place, and as heathens, blame their hainous and disgusting acts on what they believe is His requirements of us. En Sha Allah means something, it isnt just a saying we say when we don't have a backbone to make a decision, or to have some courage to say no, it means IF GOD WILLS IT. Who but Allah creates life, and who but Allah has the right to take away a life. It is a shame that humanity has not evolved enough to realize that Justice is in the hands of the Creator, and it's an embarrassment that this is happening via the Arab world. I hope that these backward farmers realize that murder is murder, and that only Allah has the right to give and take life away.


Michael Youssef

Name: Mona  country: Egypt

I think people commit such crimes for several reasons. They r raised to believe that women r somehow less than them and don't have the ability to control their lives or run it so if they -women- make a mistake they -men- have to correct it while if a man does so, he is fully responsible for his actions.

Something else, people see women's honor linked to the whole family's honor so if it's touched, the whole family has to interfer to correct it, once again a man's honor is his own problem, while in my opinion, using this theory, a man's honor is more linked to his family's bec he carries its name and it's easier to find out to which family he belongs, more shameful.

Another thing makes it happen, that if a man commits such a thing some people think of it as a skill to be proud of!! while if a woman does it, she is ... but both r wrong, aren't they?

The religin plays a role, Islam tells us to kill both party who commit a sin after we r COMPLETELY sure of its happening, not just one of them, to make an example for others to avoid such thing which is destroyable to any society, but we revenge from the weaker side, the woman.

I think we can control it by cancelling the conditions in our law that says "if a man kills a woman for honor, the punishment will be decreased" beside i think in such crimes the man should be executed bec he usually plans it ahead. We have law to punish who makes mistakes and only this law should be applied by the authority, not by any passing by. 


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