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Crimes Of Honor

This topic was posted  few months ago on this site .. since then we have received many emails.  Many were commanding us for our courage to post such a subject, and considered it an eye opening feature for a very serious problem that needs to be addressed, while few others accused us of spreading false information and condemned our action to publish it here, wanting us to hide the truth and put our heads in the sand.  In our opinion,  hopefully, this is a start of a constructive debate.  Our role will be to increase awareness of this issue and many others and if we are going to get some heat from a minority, who just want to go on living, ignoring these facts, than let it be .. we sure can handle the heat.  

Click here to view some of the comments we've received totally unedited   ..  If you wish, you can post your opinion by clicking on The Forum link above... and follow the link for this particular topic.    

The Egyptian Castle

The following show was viewed on American television March 2000 .. documenting the murdering of women in the middle east under the name of "Honor Killings" ...  The show and the images says it all ..  We were horrified to learn that women are still treated in such a way .. murdered at the hands of their beloved ones ..  NO one has the right to take a life of another .. and we say NO ONE .. 

We couldn't just watch it .. without doing something about it ... we can't be silent .. we have to do something to stop the killings of women in the middle east  .. 

We ask you to take a look and think about  what's happening to women  and how we can change it .. together we can make a difference 

Feel free to send us your  feedback ... we value your opinion ...  We reserve the right to post any feedback we receive on the site

Crimes Of Honor

<a href="">Crimes Of Honor" </a><br><a href="">part 2"</a><br>

WARNING: This show contains graphic images which  may be disturbing to many viewers


click here to view some images from this show

click here to view some of the comments we've received

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