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Crimes Of Honor

The following images were taken from the show holding the title "Crimes of Honor" aired on the American Television March 2000

Who is Raniah:  Once a beautiful face now dead .. murdered  by her 16 year old brother  who served less then a year in prison for this murder .. these images depict Raniah alive and dead

Protests  in the streets of Jordan  .. will it make a difference????  

Speak up and let's try to stop the killings of women in the Middle East

For how long can we continue living in the dark ages .. wake up  NO one has the right to take the life of another .. NO ONE ..

as per statistics on this show the killers are 75%  brothers, 12% husbands and 6% fathers .. graves are filled with women killed by the hands of their  beloved ones.

Azma: Human rights lawyer devoted herself to keeping these women alive
Nadera: A Teacher and an  activist for women rights

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