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As much as we would like to think that everything Egyptian is just wonderful and nothing but rosy, as much as we have to face reality and recognize the fact that many social and cultural issues must be addressed with deep concerns .. and we are talking here about the humanity aspects of it, regardless of religion, gender or background.  The Egyptian Castle now considered the leading Egyptian site around the world,  has decided to take on the important task of putting some issues on the table for everyone visiting the site to explore and have the chance to express their opinion about it.  We believe that talking and discussing the issues with an open mind and respect for everyone else's opinion,  is the first step in  bettering ourselves, saving humanity where justice for all should always be the rule.  Together we can make a difference

The above links will take you to the associated sections with the appropriate links there for forums discussions .. we urge you to use discretion when posting on this site .. Any posts which includes any offensive or abusive language will be deleted immediately .. You have to say it with class, if you want to be heard .. help us keep it clean 
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