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A while ago, we had introduced a "Matchmaker" service at no cost.  However we had to discontinue this service, due to the uncontrollable number of memberships we've received which included multiple entries for same individuals and overall abuse to our system.  In our opinion, this was attributed to the fact that it was a free service.

Since we have discontinued the service, we have received numerous requests from our viewers around the World urging  us to reconsider our decision.  They have expressed the desperate need for this service, especially for Egyptians who live abroad and are finding it hard to find a bride/groom.  We strongly believe that the Matchmaker is unlike any other Free service we provide here and must be managed in a strict way.

So, we've decided to conduct a survey to figure out whether it is really worth bringing  it back or not, based on the following facts only:

The Matchmaker service will NOT be a Free Service. 
A Fee is yet to be determined and charged prior to being able to contact a potential partner. 
This will be strictly a service for marriage.. i.e. no pen pals, no friendship.  
If you decide to join our service, you must be willing to be honest with all your answers to our detailed and straight forward questionnaire.
If you feel you need a Matchmaker service and have read the above carefully, please click here to send us your feedback

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