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Link to The Egyptian Castle

Many have requested permission to put a link on their site to The Egyptian Castle .. so here is an easy way to do it:
We have also received many requests from different specific groups interested to link to specific areas of "The Egyptian Castle" .. such as "Learning Arabic" , "Belly dancing", Middle east culture", "Egyptian History", etc.  we will be creating specific logos for specific sections in the near future  which will be posted here .. check this page for future reference .. 

Warning:  Though requests to add a link to The Egyptian Castle are always welcome, we ask you NOT to link directly to our music, audio or video files .. We are continuously changing the location of these files to prevent direct linking ..  give credit, where credit is due.  link to our site, but not to our files!!

choose the banner/link  type you wish to add to your site .. right click the image and save it to your own directory.. highlight the html code next to it .. cut and paste to your page ..
To add the following  highlight, cut & paste the following html code
save this image as: castle_home_anim.gif 

save this image as:castle-black1.jpg

save this image as: egcastle_n.jpg

save this image as:castle-white_n.jpg

save this image as: castle.jpg


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