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Dear fellow Egyptian,

As the founder of "The Egyptian Castle, I would like personally to welcome you to your site and to  share with you what it means to us to create and develop a presence on the internet and proudly call it "The Egyptian Castle".   I am an Egyptian, born in Cairo, Egypt, lived in Canada for almost 20 years and now living in California, USA. 

As we soon complete our second year on the internet, we are happy to know that The Egyptian Castle  remains the #1 Egyptian site favored by Egyptians and Arabs around The World and a source of valued information for non Arabic speaking communities in the West who are fascinated with Egypt and long for more information about our country, culture, language and more.   

We have now developed a strong base for The Egyptian Castle to be the leading Egyptian site on the internet offering comprehensive data and information about business, travel, culture, music,  products, services, just to name a few.  It is our chance, as Egyptians and Arabs to tell the whole world what we are all about.  Egypt is not just the pyramids, let the whole world know it and what a better place to do this than right here.   That's why "The Egyptian Castle" in it's current format using the most up-to-date software available presenting a high quality of web design, sophisticated tools for eye catching presentations, is the right place to say it all.  

We have the best of two worlds, we lived long enough in Egypt to love it enough and have it in our hearts and minds to tell the world the story of our great country and we lived abroad long enough to know how we miss it and how many millions living abroad just like us,  could and would feel being away from it.  

Our mission has just begun and we look forward to a bright future. We ask for your support and hope that you would join us in making this site the most comprehensive Egyptian website for business, advertising, culture, music, history and more.  Come and join us, whether you sell a product, offer a service, or just want to be heard on the internet, we welcome you. 

Please feel free to email me personally with any comments or suggestions or send us your feedback. We value your opinion.
Thank you
Yours sincerely,

Nahed Elbanhawy
Founder & Editor
The Egyptian Castle
Your Home Away From Home

The Egyptian Castle Copyright Magic Enterprise 1997-2004  
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