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Why you Ask ???

Some of you out there, asked us why are we developing this site and many are wondering  if this site is developed by the Egyptian government .. our simple answer is NO we do Not represent the Egyptian government and we have absolutely no association with any Egyptian government agencies.  We have thousands of reasons to continue working on developing "The Egyptian Castle" .. these reasons are the thousands of emails we've received from our fans from around the world showing their support and appreciation for our efforts .. here are just some samples of  these emails, many touched us and continuous to give is the  needed push never to rest and overcome any obstacles we might come across.  If you wish to show your support and add your voice here send us an email to be added to this section in future updates. 

We thank all of you who took the time to write to us and we look forward to continue providing all of you with the best there is .. once again thank you and keep those emails coming ..  

To protect your identity we will post first names only with no email addresses .. These emails are unedited

I just saw this beautiful site yesterday and would like, as an Egyptian, to congratulate you on this hard work. I would like also, as a specialist in teaching Arabic as a foreign language previously at Auc and currently ar Cairo American College(CAC), help you submit some ready-made materials that I already have or give my opinion (if needed) to develop this web-site... Kamal
Dear friends:
I just write to tell you, that you are great guys,I am in USA and a friend forwarded to me this, I am writing to you and in the background the famous Dalida Helwa Ya balady, I miss home much this is so touching that I am crying while writing. Keep on doing you great job Ya habibti Ya msr Ya msr

love you all .. Sahar

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