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Why you Ask ???

We thank all of you who took the time to write to us and we look forward to continue providing all of you with the best there is .. once again thank you and keep those emails coming ..  

To protect your identity we will post first names only with no email addresses .. These emails are unedited

hi To all u great people....

I Saw your Homepage About 1 week ago through I couldnt believe my eyes,I was in tears. It was THE best homepage i have ever seen, it was fantastic. I have been wanting to see a homepage about Egypt for ages especially one soo brilliant. Everything about it is soo good. It brings all

egyptians closer together, i felt I was in Egypt. I checked out the Number 1 Arab site, I think its called, and I think its rubbish, nothing compared to your site. It only has songs on, and they rnt even updated songs. Your site however, has everything on it, so you deserve to be number one, not them.

I just have one request, can u have like somewhere where u can teach people or help them to make homepages that are soooo good, that'll be a great help.

Thanx for listening to me and keep up the brilliant work.

see ya soooon
love, heba ( egyptian lover )

Every time I visit The Egyptian Castle, I see what a wonderful job you have done. The site is always updated to keep up with what is going on around the world.

Whenever I have a chance to visit, there's always something new. Never a dull moment!

Your site has far exceeded many of the sites that have been around for years.

Being an Egyptian myself, I feel proud every time I visit "The Castle".

I admire your work tremendously, and I couldn't help but wonder if I can be a part of your successful team.

I know it might be a far fetched idea, but it always crossed my mind.

I enjoyed meeting your lovely family on the web too.

Keep up the good work.


All I have to say that you are the best .. From Ram
i just want to say what a Great Web-Sit that you all have, God be with you all every day every second of the day .. Kurd

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