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Why you Ask ???

We thank all of you who took the time to write to us and we look forward to continue providing all of you with the best there is .. once again thank you and keep those emails coming ..  

To protect your identity we will post first names only with no email addresses .. These emails are unedited

This site is a breath of fresh air. You've offered me a beautiful trip down the memory lane, one filled with anticipation, trepidation and joy. Thank you for the wonderful work. Your most elaborate site is most comforting for those of us living away from loved ones, torn by yearning and longing for home, for the careless days, for the long innocent summer nights and festive spring. A pleasurable site, most desperately needed.

Hats off in your honour, best regards,


Gentleman composers of the Web Site "The", it's a great pleasure for me as an egyptian to find an egyptian site like this one on hte internet. I hope that i can find what i'm looking for and if not it's still a great pleasure and hounor cause of this site. i hope that u would help me to find what i'm looking for   At last i wish u to have a great access in this project   

yours, <  Sherif

I just wanted to let you know that your web site is the best web site that I've come through on the net. Please keep up the good work and I promise that I Will spread the good word about your great site.  Kamal
OH,MY GOD, its a great jobe that you did here.I wanna thank you for your effort .Keep going ,let the world know about our great lovely country.Many many thanks to you,GOD BLESS YOU.        Ahmed

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