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Why you Ask ???

We thank all of you who took the time to write to us and we look forward to continue providing all of you with the best there is .. once again thank you and keep those emails coming ..  

To protect your identity we will post first names only with no email addresses .. These emails are unedited

I am always proud of being Egyptian, but to day I am deeply touched to see other Egyptian doing their best to give our message and clutter to all the world,


Canadian resident for over that 35 Year

Hi everyone,

This is a very heart warming site. Egypt is a great country and a leader of the Arab world. The people of Egypt are funny and kind. I really

salute you and your good site.  Wassalam


I enjoyed my time there and wish u all the best ever=)

Great idea,i've been to egypt once only when iw as around 10 and still have fond memeories of it.

All the best,


Hello every body...

first of all i'd like to thatk you for your efforts in The Egyptian Castle.

It is a great effort and i love this page, i must visit it every day, i feel that i'm in Egypt and i can here their people talk beside me.



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