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Why you Ask ???

We thank all of you who took the time to write to us and we look forward to continue providing all of you with the best there is .. once again thank you and keep those emails coming ..  

To protect your identity we will post first names only with no email addresses .. These emails are unedited

To all Egyptians who came out with this wonderful site;

Well, I really don't know from where to start. I am really impressed with ur excellent effort that you guys exerted to come up with this wonderful website. To tell you the truth, it is really an excellent connection between me and my country, the place that I left since I was 13 years old. Thanks a lot about your concern in making all egyptians around the world not to feel away from their home. Keep up the good work guys and god bless u all inshallah. Take care my friends.

With all the love;

Niveen (*_*)

Dear Sir/Madame,

I'd like to express my strong feelings and complements about your site. "It is very egyptian"

I say that becuase for me as an egyptain who lives away from egypt and like to have the opportunity to find somthing very egyptian at the internet that shares the same culture whith him. I find that egyptiancastle is very egyptian may be more than the sites that located in egypt.



congratulations for your very very very nice site , it's a proud for all the egyptians!!

thanks a lot!!  Khashaba

Shukran for your outstanding site. I am so happy to see such a thorough and well organized website on and for Egyptians.


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