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The Egyptian Castle regrets to inform our viewers that we have been informed that Al-Messa and Algoumhoria Newspapers were taken off the Internet..  Both newspapers are run by Dar El Tahrir in Egypt .. our source tells us that Dar El Tahrir did not renew their account with the host company which resulted in disconnection of the service

Dar El Tahrir ... Listen to the people .. ...Egyptians Around The World...
Bring Al-Messa and Algoumhoria Back to the Internet

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Together we can make a difference

Many of you wrote to us inquiring about it and in some cases demanding that we bring them back... The Egyptian Castle has no control over this issue and we can only bring it to you if it is out there.. however in an effort or an attempt to make a difference and get your voices heard .. you can complete the form expressing your view and we will in turn collect them all and send them to Dar El Tahrir in Egypt .. Maybe they can hear us and bring Almessa and Algoumhoria back on the Net
Together we can make a Difference



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