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alsharq.jpg (18902 bytes)The following is an article written by Eng. Ashraf Salah Eldin for Al Sharq Arabic newspaper appearing in Qatar .. issue dated Wednesday, April 28, 1999.  The newspaper can be viewed on line at


As The Egyptian Castle continues to grow and gains popularity around the World .. We bring you the latest news about The Egyptian Castle 

al-sharq.jpg (132597 bytes)

Eng. Ashraf Salah Eldin also has a very informative site "Netchat Column" at featuring many free services, chat, greeting cards, classified ads and more

The Egyptian Castle Team thanks Eng. Ashraf Salah Eldin for his excellent article supporting the cause of having a strong Egyptian presence on the Internet.   The Egyptian Castle is committed to providing the best there is for All Egyptians because they deserve the best ..


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