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Egyptian Cuisine

bluered.gif (1701 bytes)Eggs - If eggs are good for you .. then these recipes are just a dream come true
bluered.gif (1701 bytes)(Mahshy) Stuffed Food  - You name it .. we stuff it .. and what a tasty meal it makes
bluered.gif (1701 bytes)Meat - Spicy, crusty or saucy... many ideas to pick from
bluered.gif (1701 bytes)Pasta - Not Italian .. show me the
Egyptian way
bluered.gif (1701 bytes)Poultry - These little birds ... yummy yummy
bluered.gif (1701 bytes)Rice - This is the right way of cooking rice (The Egyptian Way)
bluered.gif (1701 bytes)Salads & Dips - These little dishes packed with flavor and zest sure will make you eat and eat and eat
bluered.gif (1701 bytes)Seafood - Many ideas on how to cook seafood the way we like them .. spicy .. just try it ..
truly mouth watering 
bluered.gif (1701 bytes) Soups - Hot ..
Hot .. Hot.. Here comes the soup for you
bluered.gif (1701 bytes)Vegetables - Here we go.. many of these are new to the world .. but sure a winner in Egypt
To all the none Arabic speaking visitors, who wrote to us asking for the recipes in English, we are happy to announce that we are currently working on an English version to be posted here in the future

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