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Egyptian Press

  • Al Syassa Al Dawliah
    • A political quarterly covering issues such as Foreign Affaris and Foreign Policy.
    • Founder and former Editor-in-Chief (1965 - 1991): Dr Boutros Boutros Ghali.
    • Current Editor-in-Chief: Dr Osama Al-Ghazali Harb.
    • Address: Al-Ahram Building, Al Galaa Street, Cairo 11511.
    • Tel: 578 6022.
    • Fax: 578 6023.
  • Al Ahram Al Arabi
    • Issued by Al Ahram instituation.
    • Board chairman: Ibrahim Nafie.
    • Editor-in-Chief: Osama Saraya.
    • First issue was published on March 29th, 1997.
    • An Arabic language weekly magazine covering political, economical, and social affairs of the Arab world.

  • Alaa Edeen Magazine
    • Children's Magazine.
    • Founded in 1992.
    • Editor-in-Chief: Ezat Al Sa'adani.

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