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Web Design and Internet Services (Web Submission)

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Welcome to Our Web Submission Page    Now, you have your own web page... You are so excited.... Are you selling a product or a service... You definitely expect your hit counter to keep on rolling... Is it happening???

If  that is not the case.. maybe because your site is not linked to as many quality search engines as it could be... See, with the internet and millions of sites now available for viewers, a person could start on one site in one country and end up with completely another one in a different country.  That's what  links do and unless your site is linked to as many search engines as possible, your chances to see that hit counter growing, might not be there.

You want to do it yourself ????  Sure you could do that..... spend endless hours going from one site to another, clicking one button  after another..... but dont you think you really have more important things to  spend your time on.....

We have the tools,  we have the experience and the knowledge to assist you in registering your site with 400+ search engines  for as little as US$19.95 We say 400+ search engines, because our extensive data base  of quality search engines you can link to is updated every two  weeks to ensure the accuracy and uptodate information for our customers. So the number of links could go up or down, but it is always 400+ Other advertisers, promise 800 and some even 1000 links..... but are they really quality links... do they tell you who these  links are...  Do you get a list  We do..  a detailed list with every search engine will be  e-mailed to you with your site details for your reference.

We can also offer you an annual maintenance program to submit  your site on a regular basis for as little as US$99.95/year ...The choice is yours... ....but if you want to get hits you better get links...  ...Send us an email Now to register... Please include: your email address,  site title, description and keywords  

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