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Great Oldies

Do you remember many many years ago, those great  old movies .. the ones that perhaps a scene here or there left something in your heart and a sweet memory in your soul ..  

This section will be featuring some of those great movies .. but in REAL AUDIO ONLY .. where you can just listen to the movie while you surf the net or work on your computer..  

Once again this is a Real Audio section only .. please don't write to us about missing a picture or unable to view the video ..  

click here to listen to this month movies

Featured this month:    
- Lamset Hanan - Shadia & Salah Zul Faqqar  
- El Oztaza Fatma - Faten Hamama & Kamal El Shenawy
- Wadaaen Lel Azab - Naglaa Fatthy & Hussein Fahmy

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