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Posted by hanan prince on September 26, 2001 at 06:29:50:

i'm a psychologest .i have master degree in counseling psychology .i love you so much as my special artist and i like your music ,words,and voise ,
but i want to tell you some thing as a psychologist and as a one of your millions of lover .the key of your success is your simpel ,kind,sharm,shy ,emotional ,strikt,honest personality.the key of success is in deep of your hart not in the out look of any thing out you ,your power inside your self it comes from the difficult ,bad days and from the lettel sweet memories you lived it or dream to live. stress on your deapth and your sesative hart.to hold your success for ever.
oh kazem i'm not a one of the mad,or bad girls, i respect you and your art and love you as a respectable ,good humman full of alot of sad,love,hope,creation ,lonliness emotion out side his land far from his family. and try hard to hold his dream of success.
i trust you now hold your dream but you afried of tomorow .don't be to wory but alittil bet of wory will be good to stay on the top.try to save your self from any bad thing ,and take care about your health and take care about the people around you .
perhaps i see you one day but i know i'll allways think of you as "weitny "said in her song
if you need to take to some one trust me you can try to talk fairly with me as a therapist and as a frind to
take care of kazem for Iraq anb arab toand your family and me to.
my e-mail: hanan_prince@yahoo.com
egypt -qena -schools street-sidi abd elraheem school for girls. hanan prince

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