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Well, we have been online for almost seven years and were always #1 of The Arab Top List for most of these years, listing the monthly results here to our viewers.  The Arab Top site went down in 2003 and we thought that's it we really don't need to prove anything anymore.  

We are confident that we've led the way in how an Egyptian site should be.  Our work, recordings and art work has been pirated by many sites trying to imitate us including some Egyptian government sites who simply lack creativity, imagination and innovation.  We will continue to be innovating and it will always be hard for others to keep up with us.  What matters to us is our fans and viewers around the world who supported us through the years.  

This section will continue though voting is not necessary anymore .. we will be posting a new movie here once a month

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Together we can keep Egypt at the top, where it belongs .. after all "Masr Om Eldonia"

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