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Laila Mourad born February 28, 1929.  She acted in numerous movies with very well known stars at the time, such as Wageeh Abaza, Naguib Elreehany, Youssef Wahbey and others.  She was known as the Cinderella of  the Egyptian Cinema.  Laila Mourad died October 11, 1995 and left a library of songs and movies for us to enjoy.

Etmakhtary Ya-khail
Abged Hauez
Alby Dalili   
Men Baiid
Arouh Lemeen 
Albi Khali   
Edonia Ghenwa
Ainy Betreff
Otlob Anaya

Laila Mourad - Egyptian Singer

Laila Mourad - Egyptian Singer
Laila Mourad 

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