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Welcome to The Egyptian Castle   Feature of the month section .... Every month we will feature four songs in it's entirety based on our viewers requests and play it for you right here...listen to it in real audio, recorded in sure stream.. so simply no waiting.. no delay.. 

So vote for next month's songs and be part of a large community driven by their love for Arabic Music.

You can vote for next month's feature by completing the form below...Hope to see you again next month ...  have fun.. - wholesale bows, ribbons, giftware, pacakging & more
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To listen to any of the realaudio songs on this site you must have Realplayer installed on your computer .. To download RealplayerG2 FREE click here 


Monthly Feature Songs

Mohamed Abdel Wahab

Oully A'Amalek Aih Alby

click here to listen to the song

Mohamed Fouad

Aheb Aih 

click here to listen to the song


Ba'atly Nazra 

click here to listen to the song

Nagah Sallam


click here to listen to the song

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